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Chair Massage
Why Choose Our Company for Your Chair Massage? 
 We use only licensed and certified Specialists to perform all chair massage services. Each Specialist is individually insured and hand picked by us to ensure they meet our quality and professionalism standards.
Appearance is important to us because we know it is important to you. We make sure each Body Specialist presents you with a clean image. We have stylish uniforms and all Specialists are trained to present themselves neat and clean so that our appearance makes you look good to your employees, customers and associates.
Magic Touch Specialists teamed must first go through our extensive training program for effective seated bodywork techniques including neck releases, stretching, low and mid back points. This assures you that all treatments provided by one of our Body Specialists will be individualized and help to improve the specific complaints of each client.
Our Body Specialists are committed to reliable service by being organized and communicative. We only work with those who have the highest levels of professionalism, courtesy, reliability and responsiveness.
Servicing New Jersey: Burlington County, Mercer County, Monmouth County & Ocean County
Other Counties Available Upon Request

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